Economy Injector™

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The injector averts refrigerant venting and air introduction into operational systems, ensuring functionality in sealed systems and preventing shutdowns. Its drip-proof, spill-free design seamlessly integrates with standard manifold gauges and doesn’t require additional valves or fittings.

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A reusable, plastic injector used to introduce any liquid into the low side of a charged hermetic system.

Recommended for use with Trace®, Trace 2®, Thawzone® and Acid Neutralizer®.


To be used with a standard manifold gauge to introduce liquid to the low side of a charged hermetic system.

How to Use

Prepare: Unscrew the cap and fill the System Injector completely with the intended liquid to prevent air trapping.

Connect: Connect the System Injector following the manifold gauge diagram. Purge the lines accordingly.

Open: Gradually open the manifold gauge valves, allowing high-side pressure to push the liquid into the low side of the system.

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CAUTION: Always follow the product manufacturer’s instructions concerning quantity to use and specific procedures when injecting liquids into an operating system.

Max Working Pressure: Ensure a maximum working pressure of 250 PSIG by connecting the system injector solely to the low side of an operational system.

Disconnection After Use: After use, disconnect and disassemble the system injector. Avoid leaving it connected to hoses.

Applicable to only Metal Injectors—Cap Removal Caution: Before unscrewing the cap, check for any pressure buildup by depressing the valve core depressor.

Storage: Store the system injector with a loosely fitted cap to prevent thread binding and pressure buildup.

Product PDF

Product PDF


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