1.0 oz bottle Item #1700 – 24 per Case
4 oz bottle Item #17004 – 12 per Case
16 oz bottle Item #17016 – 6 per Case

Thawzone®, the original liquid dehydrant, rapidly eliminates moisture from ALL refrigerants in 5 minutes or less. Unlike conventional driers, Thawzone® maintains its efficacy regardless of refrigerant temperatures, ensuring consistent performance and preventing refreezing. It leaves no residue, contains no dissolved solids or methanol, and guarantees compatibility with all refrigerants and lubricants. Additionally, Thawzone® prevents acid formation and facilitates oil returns in low-temperature systems. Not only is Thawzone® quick and efficient, but it’s also a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly solution.

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Thawzone® is a superior liquid dehydrant for moisture control in all refrigeration systems, Thawzone will free frozen systems from moisture in minutes while increasing system functionality.


Ideal for quickly freeing any frozen refrigeration system from moisture in minutes. Compatible with all types of equipment, open or hermetic, and useable in all refrigerants, including all CFCs, HFCs, and HCFCs.


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