Acid Neutralizer®

4 oz Bottle Item#18004 – 12 per Case

Highside’s Acid Neutralizer® enables you to neutralize and prevent acid formed in AC and refrigeration systems and recovery equipment from oil break down, moisture and compressor burnouts. It’s compatible with all refrigerants and all lubricants, while working fast and circulating quickly. It doesn’t leave solid residues and helps prevent system burnouts.

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Neutralizes and prevents acid formed in AC and refrigeration systems and recovery equipment.


For all AC and refrigeration systems, including CFCs, HFCs and HCFCs. Can be used for:
• Preventative maintenance
• Repairs
• Burnouts

How to Use

Check: Check the system’s compressor oil volume and determine acid level using an acid test kit.

Determine: Determine how much neutralizer to use. Zero/low acid levels = one ounce of Acid Neutralizer for each 64 ounces of compressor oil. Medium Acid level = 1 ounce of acid neutralizer for each 48 ounces of compressor oil. High acid level = 1 ounce of Acid Neutralizer for 24 ounces of compressor oil.*

Inject: Inject into the system using Highside’s metal injector or economy injector™.

Note: Exceeding the recommended amount of acid neutralizer will not harm air conditioning or refrigeration systems as long as the amount of acid neutralizer used is not more than 10% of the compressor’s total oil volume.


Product PDF

Product PDF


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