The Acid Test®

4 oz Canister w/(4) test Kit Item #16001 – 12 per Case

The Acid Test Kit is crafted for on-site and in the field use, providing swift and reliable acid level measurements in AC and refrigeration systems. This kit delivers accurate results within seconds and requires only a small oil sample.

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4 oz Canister w/(4) test Kit Item #16001 – 12 per Case

For rapid and efficient acid testing in AC and refrigeration systems.



Suitable for various AC and refrigeration systems, including the following:

  • Mineral oil
  • Alkylbenzene
  • polyol ester
  • Polyalkylene glycol
  • Polyalphaolefin


How to Use

Fill:  Fill vial with 2.5 cc (~90 drops) of test oil to the vial, filling it to a quarter inch below the neck.

Shake: Vigorously shake contents for 2-5 seconds.

Check: Check liquid color for acid content reading: Blue/violet = no acid. Green = moderately acidic. Yellow = acidic.* Use Acid Neutralizer to help eliminate acid in AC and refrigeration systems.


*NOTICE: The Acid Test is designed to indicate the nominal Ph ranges present in refrigeration lubricants. Any action or inaction as a result of this test is at the sole discretion of the user. Blue or violet color indicates a nominal Ph of 6.8 or higher, green color indicates a nominal Ph of 6.8 to 5.2, yellow color indicates a nominal Ph of 5.2 or below. Some polyolester lubricants are slightly acidic and may test as acidic due to various additives or manufacturing processes. Contact the lubricant manufacturer for acceptable and expected acid levels. Refrigeration oils containing high levels of acid are dangerous and can burn skin and damage equipment. Handle with extreme care. Disposal should be in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

Test Result Colors


Product PDF

Product PDF


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