R3 AC Leak Repair™

2 oz Injector Kit Item #60002– 6 per Case
(2) 2 oz Injector Refill Item #60022– 6 per Case

R3 seals slow leaks in AC and refrigeration systems while also lubricating, conditioning and revitalizing the system. Offering a permanent seal for leaks up to about 0.5 mm in size, it incorporates a UV dye to uncover larger system leaks that may need repair and prevents future leaks. Compatible with all refrigerants and refrigeration lubricants, R3 undergoes extensive testing to ensure it remains non-clogging to AC compressors and recovery equipment. It also does not react with moisture or oxygen.

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R3 is designed to seal AC and refrigeration systems with slow leaks.


It can be used to seal leaks in AC or refrigeration systems up to about 0.5 mm in size, including leaks in:

  • Condensers
  • Evaporators
  • Hoses
  • Gaskets
  • O-Rings

How to Use

Note: 2 ounces of PRO-A for every 6 tons of refrigeration or 5-7% of system’s oil volume.

Refrigerant Used as a High-Pressure Source:

Prep: Remove cap from top of the injector and tighten cap on opposite (bottom) end to provide leak proof seal.

Connect: Using a charging hose, connect the top of the System Injector to a source of refrigerant. Tighten hose fittings to make seal.

Rotate: Turn the System Injector upside down so the bottom is now in the up position and the liquid is in the top of the Injector. Remove the second cap. Using the supplied Highside Pro Tech Service Charging Hose, connect this end of the Injector to access valve on low pressure side of compressor.

Purge: Purge lines and when lines are purged, tighten fitting to make seal at access valve.

Insert: Insert the System Injector so that the liquid is now in the bottom of the injector and refrigerant enters from refrigerant source at the top of the Injector. Open valve at refrigerant container to apply pressure to system.

Charge: With system running, very slowly crack (access valve) Pro Tech Charging Hose Valve and charge liquid into system. Caution: You are charging a liquid. You must charge slowly so that liquid does not slug the compressor.

Finish: When liquid is all charged, close refrigerant valve at refrigerant container and Pro Tech Charge Hose Valve at compressor. Dissemble hoses.

Equipment Used as High-Pressure Source:

Remove: Remove threaded cap and attach supplied Pro Tech Service Charging Hose.

Connect: Connect the Injector as shown in the manifold gauge diagram and purge the lines. Open valve on Pro Tech Service Charging Hose.

Open: Open the valves on the manifold gauge very slowly and let the pressure from high side push the liquid into the low side of the system.


R3 AC Leak Repair SDS

Product PDF

Product PDF


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