Broad Spectrum Threadlocker™

0.5 oz tube Item #13001 – 12 per Case

As an all-purpose, single-component thread adhesive, Threadlocker® outperforms traditional metal fasteners by effectively countering shock and vibrations, thereby preventing the loosening of nuts, bolts, plugs, fittings, and various parts. Its properties extend to combatting rust and corrosion, showcasing adaptability across a spectrum of fastener types and sizes. Easily disassembled with standard hand tools and formulated to be non-toxic, it offers adaptability and practicality across various industries.

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Surpassing traditional mechanical fasteners, Threadlocker™ is a revolutionized sealant used to secure connections on metal and rigid plastic threads, ensuring stability against vibrations and shock.


A locking compound for metals and rigid plastics across many settings and industries, such as automotive, construction, plumbing, marine, agriculture, mechanical and manufacturing. Ideal for preventing equipment failure from unsecured fasteners.

How to Use

Clean: Clean the surface with acetone or another suitable solvent.

Mix: Thoroughly mix or shake prior to application.

Apply: Apply with a brush or other applicator to threaded surfaces.

Tighten: Tighten fastener to desired torque.

Clean up: Use any denatured alcohol as a cleaning solvent to remove unwanted spills or mess.

Removal: Remove with the same tools used to tighten the fastener.


Threadlocker SDS

Product PDF

Product PDF


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