Dye Wash™ Cleaner

32 oz Bottle w/ Trigger Sprayer Item #51032 – 12 per Case

Highside’s Dye Wash™ Cleaner efficiently and safely eliminates various leak-detecting dyes from equipment surfaces, preventing misleading readings during future leak detection procedures. It’s environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

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A cleaner designed to eliminate dye residue left by both fluorescent and light-visible oil or water-based leak detection dyes from equipment.


Can be used safely on all plastic, rubber and metal.

How to Use

Spray: Spray Dye Wash on all areas of equipment where leak-detection dyes are suspected.

Wipe: Wipe all sprayed areas with a cloth.

Spray: Spray the area with fresh water to remove the cleaner and any remaining dyes.

Wipe: Wipe the area dry.

Inspect: Inspect the cleaned area with ultraviolet light if needed to ensure all dyes have been removed.



For Professional Use Only.

Keep away from children.

Combustible; keep away from open flames or extremely hot surfaces.

Product PDF

Product PDF


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