Plumbing InstaPatch™

2 Part Compound Blister Pack Item#33033 – 12 per Case

Plumbing InstaPatch™ permanently seals holes in all metals and rigid plastics. Using its micro cells and bonding fluid, it forms a high-strength bond in seconds and fully cures in 20 minutes, allowing you to restore equipment quickly. It’s potable water safe when cured (meets or exceeds ANSI61) and is rated for 1800psi contained air or refrigeration pressure while handling 280°F (137.8°C) of continuous temperature.

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This two-part bonding package contains bonding fluid and micro cells for permanently sealing holes in all metals and rigid plastics in a matter of seconds.


For use on cracks or holes in all metals and rigid plastics, including all tubing and pipes.

How to Use

Prepare: Wipe area clean so it is free of oils, refrigerant, etc. with acetone and ensure there is no pressure on the system.

Sand: Sand the area around the hole down for sealant application.

Apply: Apply Bonding Fluid (A) to the repair area.

Coat: Coat Bonding Cells (B) on top of (A).

Apply: Apply Bonding Fluid (A) on top of (B).

Cure: Bonds are cured after 20 minutes.

Clean: For cleaning, wipe acetone over repair area.

For Large Holes: Repeat as needed to fully cover the hole, following the above steps.


HVACRP Plumbing Auto Patch Bonding Cells SDS
HVACR Plumbing Auto Patch Bonding Fluid SDS


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