Green Pantabs®

400 Gram Jar (200 Tablets) Item #52200 – 12 per Case
24 Tablet Retail Item #52224 – 12 per Case

These tablets are formulated to maintain condensate drain pans in both AC and refrigeration, ensuring their optimal performance and mitigating potential issues. It’s non-corrosive and extends equipment’s lifespan by eliminating odors, cleaning scale and sludge build-up, and preventing water damage and overflows. Easy to use, safe, and non-toxic, it is also compatible with closed or sensitive environments.

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Comprehensive tablets designed to assist and maintain optimal performance of condensate drain pans in AC or refrigeration.


Versatile and practical for various drain pan treatments, potential applications include:
• Humidifiers
• Fan coils
• Window units
• Refrigerated food cases
• Computer rooms

How to Use

Select Quantity: For every 1 ton of air conditioning or refrigeration, use 2 to 4 tablets per month.

Placement: In the condensate pans, position the tablets in such a way that the condensing moisture drips or runs over them. This ensures the active ingredients coat the pan, allowing for prolonged cleaning action.

Replacement & Maintenance: Replace the tablets monthly for consistent performance. Occasionally rinse the reservoir for optimal results.



Contains quaternary ammonium chloride. Avoid getting in eyes, skin, or clothing. Can cause eye damage and skin irritation. Harmful or fatal if ingested. Avoid contaminating food with the product. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product. Do not use this product until you have read all warning statements on the label. Avoid eye contact and prolonged skin contact. Do not take it internally. Wash your hands thoroughly after using this product.

For Professional Use Only


Warranty Limited to Replacement of Product Only.

In Emergency Call: 1-800-255-3924 (24 Hours)

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Product PDF


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