Condensate Drainpan Conditioner®

0.75 oz Plastic Applicator Item #52105 – 24 per Case
2.12 oz Plastic Applicator Item #52115 – 12 per Case

This air conditioning refrigeration drain pan product controls:

  • Slime build-up
  • Consequent pan overflows
  • Bacterial growth, including those causing Legionnaire’s disease
  • Musty odors introduced into air handling units from bacterial slime accumulations
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An air conditioning refrigeration drain pan insert to control slime build-up, consequent pan overflows, growth of harmful bacteria, and musty orders.


Applicable for all air conditioning unit(s) drainpan(s).

How to Use

Place: Place Condensate Drainpan Conditioner® in bottom of the pan.

Replace: Replace Condensate Drainpan Conditioner® every 3 months.


Product PDF

Product PDF


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