TXV & Reversing Valve Bonding Compound™

10 Gram Squeeze Bottle w/ Applicator tip & Sand cloth Item #32100 – 12 per Case

A solution for all HVAC new installations and installation repairs calling for solderless bonding, the TXV & Reversing Valve Bonding Compound™ is compatible with all refrigerants and oils, and bonds copper, aluminum, and brass in any combination. It requires no mixing and is designed to work with standard ASE fittings. After it’s been cured, it can withstand temperature ranges from -65°F to 350°F (-54°C to 176°C). With a shelf life of at least 12 months after opening, one bottle of TXV & Reversing Valve Bonding Compound™ can make approximately 25 bonds on ½ inch tubing, offering the same number of bonds as 1-1/2 pounds of braze at approximately 25% of the cost of 15% silver braze.

Copper and brass bonding starts within 20 seconds and a solid bond is formed in 3 minutes. In 12 minutes, the bond will withstand 850 psi of refrigerant pressure. For aluminum, a bond is set in 4 minutes and in about 2 hours a fully cured bond is formed that can withstand 1200 psi of refrigerant pressure.

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An easy to use, single-part, braze-less and solderless bonding product.


Formulated for copper, brass, and aluminum fittings used in HVAC systems.

How to Use

Prepare: Ensure the pipe and connector are round, with the connector I.D. between 0.010 and .025, and larger than the tubing O.D. Swage connector as needed until ideal slip fit is achieved.

Sand: Use the provided 60 grit emery cloth to aggressively sand the inside of the connector and the outside of the pipe removing the oxide discoloration until the pipe is bright, shiny, and clean. To sand the inside of a connector, roll the sanding cloth, insert it into the connector, and rotate. Do not wipe or clean the sanded area; leave the sanding dust on the pipe and connector.

Prep: Cut the tip from the TXV & Reversing Valve Bonding Compound™ bottle. The orifice should be small. Shake bottle thoroughly, squeeze out the product in the tip of the tub (a small amount, one or two drops) and discard—this does not get mixed when shaken and shouldn’t be used.

Apply: Apply a small bead of TXV & Reversing Valve Bonding Compound™ around the inner circumference of the connector and the outer circumference of the pipe. If needed, use a toothpick to spread the TXV & Reversing Valve Bonding Compound™ around the inside of the connector, but avoid materials that may absorb the product for spreading. Ensure a heavy coat is on the entire bonding area.

Bond: Insert the pipe into the connector, rotate it slightly by 45 degrees, and hold for 10 seconds. Let the bond sit undisturbed for 5 minutes for a soft set. After 20 minutes, the bond is fully set and ready for a vacuum or pressure test and can withstand a minimum of 1200 psi. A full cure occurs 1 to 2 hours after setting.

Clean Up: Wipe outside of joint clean.

Redo if Needed: To redo a joint, heat pipe to 354°F, pull apart, clean and repeat the process.



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Product PDF


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