4 oz Bottle w/Zoom cap Item #14224 – 12 per Case

RustBuster™ swiftly penetrates and dissolves rust, effortlessly freeing connections, screws, nuts, shafts, and more in a matter of seconds. It comes with a flexible extendable spout for hard-to-reach places. It contains no acids or alkali, making it safe for clothes, metals and all friction surfaces.

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Designed to quickly loosen any rust coating screws, nuts, shafts, etc., freeing connections and assemblies in a matter of seconds.


Any connection or assembly, such as bolts and nuts, coated in rust.

How to Use

Apply: Apply RustBuster™ to rusted surface—for heavily rusted surfaces, apply a liberal amount.

Wait: Typically, RustBuster™ will work instantly, but on heavily rusted surfaces, you may have to wait a few minutes.

Free: After waiting, rusted pieces will break loose.


Rust-Buster SDS

Product PDF

Product PDF


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