Heat Shield™ Gel

32 oz Bottle w/ Trigger Sprayer Item #31032 – 12 per Case

A unique spray on gel to shield any surface from heat damage during soldering, brazing or welding. This non-toxic, non-corrosive solution evaporates within 24 to 48 hours without leaving any stains.

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An all-temperature barrier spray on gel that prevents heat damage during soldering, brazing or welding.


Protects any surface against heat damage, such as wood, insulation, valves, piping and drywall.

How to Use

Spray: Spray gel onto surfaces you wish to protect.

Weld: Once sprayed, the surface is protected and you can begin welding or intended activity.

Clean up: Leave the gel to evaporate for a hassle-free, no-cleanup solution.



Product PDF

Product PDF


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