Coil Brite® Coil Cleaner

14 oz Jar Item #57014 – 12 per Case

Featuring an indefinite shelf life when sealed, Coil Brite revolutionizes coil cleaning by eliminating concerns about shelf longevity typical of liquid formulas. Its acid-based composition, coupled with controlled foaming, guarantees thorough cleaning, rejuvenating old coils to a pristine state.

One 14 oz. container of Coil Brite is equivalent to one gallon of a 6:1 concentrated liquid coil cleaner, occupying minimal space (1/16th) compared to liquid alternatives, reducing storage requirements in service vans and shelves. The decreased weight of Coil Brite (less than 14 oz.) significantly cuts shipping costs, ensuring cost-efficiency without compromising on performance. It prevents hazardous spills, safeguarding facilities and vehicles from potential damage and regulatory scrutiny.

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An acid-based coil cleaner powder that cleans with a controlled foaming action, ensuring brighter and cleaner coils without the risk of shelf-life limitations or hazardous spills.


Coil Brite powder is directly applied to condenser coils using traditional applicators and ideal for maintenance vans and facilities.

How to Use

Mix: Mix entire contents of Coil Brite® Coil Cleaner with one gallon of water or for a less concentrated cleaner, you can dilute entire contents in up to 3 gallons of water.

Apply: Spray mixture of Coil Brite® Coil Cleaner onto the unit.

For Small Units: Wait 10 minutes, then turn the unit on, allowing the condensate to self-rinse.

For Big Units: Immediately turn the unit on after application, allowing the condensate to self-rinse.



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Product PDF


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