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Rust Buster
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Rust Buster

Loosens Rust in Seconds! Telescoping Spout Extends Reach up to 14 inches!

Key Benefits:

  • Loosens rusted bolts, screws, shafts, piping, any type of “frozen” connections & assemblies
  • Contains no acids or alkali.
  • Safe for clothes, metals, and friction-type surfaces.
  • Flexible telescoping-spout unit extends a total of 14 inches for difficult-to-reach areas.

Key Applications:

Used by professionals, do-it-yourselfers , mechanics, technicians, in industry and the military.

Rust-BusterTM quickly loosens screws, nuts, shafts and parts "frozen" by rust. Available in a 4 oz. container with the amazing Zoom-Spout®, a telescoping spout that enables you apply Rust-BusterTM in hard-to-reach areas.

RUST-BUSTER™ REALLY works. It typically works instantly, but on heavy duty applications, a liberal amount on a rusted or “frozen” bolt, screw or shaft, and then tapping the part lightly to aid penetration, will usually provide the results desired. After a few minutes, rusted bolts, screws, shafts, piping, any type of “frozen” connections and assemblies will break loose. The light weight oil penetrates well.