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Ice Max™ Ice Machine Cleaner

Ice Max is a high performance ice machine cleaner and powerful scale remover in powder form.

  • Environmentally friendly- leaves no acidic residue, eliminating the risk of hazardous liquid spills
  • Nickel safe, fast acting, easy to use
  • Powder form saves on freight costs and requires minimal storage space
  • Has maximum scale removing power, and increases ice machine efficiency

Extra Long Shelf Life

When kep sealed ICE MAX has an indefinite shelf life. ICE MAX will not separate or chemically change over time. The worry of how long your ice machine cleaner has been in inventory or in the service van is gone.

Prevents Corrosion

A high performance corrosion inhibitor is combined with ICE MAX to help prevent future corrosion and inhibit formation of scale.

Saves Valuable Space

One 4.4 oz. bottle of ICE MAX is equal to over a pound of 3:1 concentrated liquid soluction of ordinary ice machine cleaner. A gregular ice machine cleaner will take 4 times more inventory space than ICE MAX.

Save Freight Cost

Every unnecessary pound shipped increases cost. ICE MAX weighs only 4.4 oz. While ordinary liquid ice machine cleaners weigh well over a pound, ICE MAX is over four times lighter than other cleaners.

Better Hazard Control

ICE MAX avoids dangerous and messy spills that can damage your facility, vehicles and destroy other valuable inventory. Prevents liquid spills that can attract unneccessary regulatory attention.

Ice Max contains a high performance corrosion inhibitor. It has an extended shelf life and will not separate or chemically change over time.


For professional use. Use only as directed.

  1. For maximum strength, add 1 Icemax container to 1 gallon of water. Dissolve by stirring. May be diluted up to three gallons.
  2. Turn off unit and water supply. Remove ice. Drain.
  3. Add Icemax solution to unit.
  4. Circulate water for 15 to 30 minutes to remove scale. Heavy scale may require a second treatment. Scaled surfaces may be brushed or soaked with Icemax solution.
  5. Drain Icemax solution. Flush system with fresh water until clear and sclae free. Start unit. Discard first batch of ice.

Danger: Irritant.

Contains Sulfamic Acid. Avoid skin and eye contact. Harmful if swallowed. Wear protective gear. Wash thoroughly after handling.

First Aid: Eyes: Flush with water for 15 minutes. Get medical help. Ingest: Do not induce vomiting. Drink lots of water. Get immediate medical help. Skin: Remove affected clothing. Rinse skin with water for 15 minuts. If symptoms develop, get medical help.

Available in 4.4 oz. containers; makes one gallon of concentrate