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Dye Wash Quickly and Safely Washes Away All Leak Detecting Dyes!

Fluorescent or Non-Fluorescent, Water Based or Oil Based

Leak detecting dyes are a safe economical, effective and widely used form of leak detection. The only disadvantage is that the dyes that so reliably serve to pin-point troublesome leaks, also leave a dye residue that can cause difficulty in future leak detection. Highside's Dye Wash safely, effectively and quickly removes any type of leak detecting dyes from equipment surfaces to prevent false leak readings during future and follow-up leak detection.

  • Non-Toxic.
  • Non-Corrosive.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Safe on Plastic and Rubber.
  • Safe on All Metals.

Use Highside Dye Wash to prevent future and follow-up leak detection effectively and quickly cleans oil based or water based leak detection dyes, both fluorescent and light visible.


  • Spray Dye Wash on all areas of the equipment where leak detection dyes are seen or suspected.
  • Wipe all areas around the seen or suspected areas with a cloth.
  • Spray area with plenty of fresh water to completely remove the DYE WASH and any remaining leak detecting dyes.
  • Wipe area dry to insure complete dye removal.
  • Inspect the cleaned areas visually and with an ultraviolet light source to make sure all leak detecting dyes have been removed.

For Professional Use Only.

Keep away from children.

Combustible; keep away from open flames or extremely hot surfaces.

See Material Safety Data Sheet.